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The Krafty Librarian heeft een overzicht in Word gemaakt van medische podcasts. Hieronder volgt de lijst die hij heeft samengesteld.
ABC’s Health Report
Produced by Australian Broadcasting Corporation national radio. Primary audience: “specialist and mainstream audiences”
Recent programs include:

  • Stress and Breast Cancer
  • The link between gum disease (periodontitis) and heart disease
  • Cox 2 Inhibitors: Non steroidal inflammatory medications

ACC Conversations
Produced by the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Adolph Hutter asks the tough questions in these 20 minute topical discussions. Each Conversation is a fast-paced discussion between leading experts in cardiology. Primary audience: cardiologists
Recent programs include:

  • A-HeFT: Clinical Implications for Heart Failure Patients
  • ACC/AHA STEMI Guidelines: Judging Time and Choosing Reperfusion Methods
  • Ahtersclerotic Effects of Lipid-Lowering Therapy Measured by Non-invasive MRI
  • Diet and Cardiovascular Disease: An Evidence-Based Assessment

Access Medicine
Produced by McGraw-Hill. Plans to do weekly podcasts. Primary audience: doctors
Recent programs include:

  • Vitamin D Inadequacy in Women Treated for Osteoporosis – Harrison’s Online Update
  • Rifaximin for the Prevention of Travelers’ Diarrhea – Harrison’s Online Update
  • Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis – Harrison’s Online Lecture
  • Effects of Perioperative Beta-Blocker Therapy – Hurst’s The Heart Update

Special Notes:
While the podcasts are free, they are derived from Harrison’s Online, Hurst’s the Heart Online, and other online resources available only through an AccessMedicine subscription. The podcasts may refer to accompanying slide presentations (exclusive to paid subscribers to Access Medicine) and may not be ideal for somebody who isn’t at a computer to look at slides.
AHRQ Healthcare 411 Audio Series http://www.healthcare411.org/
Produced by from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) featuring current news and information to improve quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care.
Primary audience: healthcare professionals and general public Recent programs include:

  • Questions to Ask Before Surgery
  • GERD Report
  • Personal and Electronic Health Records
  • Overprescribed Antibiotics

Another Night Shift
Produced by Larry Payne, Emergency Physician in Akron, Ohio. Personal podcast program. Target audience: Emergency physicians
Recent programs include:

  • Emergency Medicine Report Card
  • Avian Flu
  • Emergency Medicine Jobcast

Arizona Cancer Center’s Cancer and Healthcare Update http://azcc.arizona.edu/healthcast/healthcare_update.xml
Produced by the Arizona Cancer Center, it provides “information about all aspects of cancer that will help empower you to take your health into your own hands.” Primary audience: general public
Recent program includes:

  • Prostate Cancer

Special Notes:
Very new site as of 2/2/06 only has one podcast. As Seen From Here
Sponsored by a the New York University School of Medicine and is CME accredited ophthalmology podcast featuring a weekly radio show program of interviews with recent authors of articles in ophthalmology peer-review journals. Primary audience: Ophthalmologists
Recent programs include:

  • Understanding Wavefront: a podcast special.
  • CNV and Anti-VEGF Therapy (parts 1 and 2)
  • Post-Operative Endophthalmitis: a population-based study,
  • Genetics and AMD

Special Notes:
CME accredited for ophthalmology Audio-Digest
Produced by the Audio Digest Foundation, and it broadcasts selected programs twice per month. Audio-Digest MP3cast qualifies for up to 2 hours of Category 1 CME/CE credit for up to 3 years from the publication date. Primary audience: doctors
Recent programs include:

  • Bones and Bruises
  • Infectious Disease Update
  • End-of-Life Care
  • Selected topics in Bariatric Surgery

Special Notes: Audio Digest website requires you to pay $17 per podcasts, but iTunes currently says they are free. Audio-Digest MP3cast qualifies for up to 2 hours of Category 1 CME/CE credit for up to 3 years from the publication date Blood CancerCAST
Produced by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Primary audience: leukemia and lymphoma patients and families
Recent programs include:

  • Living with NHL
  • Treating the older lymphoma patient
  • When to start therapy for indolent lymphoma
  • Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Cancer Cast
Created by cancer specialists, Dr. Quinten Black and Dr. John O’Connor, to fill a need for truly plain English cancer treatment information. Primary audience: cancer patients and families Recent programs include:

  • What to ask your doctor (Colon Cancer)
  • What is cancer

CME Podcasting
Produced by CME Outfitters and is psychology related

Primary audience: psychology and health care professionals
Recent program topic include:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Bioploar Disorder
  • Dementia
  • Metabolic Effects

Special Notes:
Offers free CME podcasts (registration required) for the following disciplines: Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Certified Case Managers Clinical Podcast
Has no information on who produces it. Site appears to be still underdevelopment
Primary audience: doctors Recent programs include:

  • The Past, Present, and Future of HIV Management
  • Is there a new, virulent strain of CA-MRSA
  • Use of aspirin for CV mortality reduction in postmenopausal women
  • Family Physicians MediQuiz Round 1

Special Notes:
Lists three podcast programs, Conversations in Medicine, MediQuiz, and SoundPractice.net can also be found at SoundPractice.net.
Produced by The Advanced Medical Imaging Laboratory (AMIL). AMIL is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to research, education, and the advancement of patient care using medical imaging with a focus on spiral CT and 3D imaging. The AMIL is part of the Department of Radiology at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, MD.
Primary audience: radiologists
Recent programs include:

  • 64 Slice CT of the Liver
  • 64 Slice MDCT
  • Cardiac CT Update
  • Challenges in MDCT World

Special Notes: The podcast is a form of “rapid communication to supplement and enhance the materials found on CTisus.” Therefore, you may want to listen to these while at your computer so that you can view the material.
Produced by the Arizona Heart Institute

Primary audience: Has two sections, one for public and one for doctors Recent programs include:

  • Public section includes programs on: Health Resolutions for the New Year, Women and Heart Disease, Coronary Artery Disease
  • Public video podcast programs include: Endo-Graft Procedure, Endarterectomy, CV Risk Factors,
  • Health Professional section includes programs on: Benephit Infusion System, A Myoblast Update, Endovascular Congress Endovascular Interventions XVIII
  • Health Professional video podcast programs include: Benephit Infusion System

Special Notes: There is little agreement between the website’s list of programs and iTunes listing of programs. It appears there are professional and public video podcasts available. The titles of the video podcasts are chopped up and difficult to determine exactly.
Has no information on who produces it, but it does have an agreement with the Arizona Dental Association to grant CERP CE credits
Primary audience: dental professionals Recent programs include:

  • Guidelines for selecting, evaluating, and purchasing a dental practice
  • Common sense approach to medical emergency prevention and preparation
  • Hypnosis and its use in dentistry
  • Digital Dental Diagnosis

Special Notes:
Has an agreement with the Arizona Dental Association to grant CERP CE credits.
Produced by paramedics for paramedics

Primary audience: EMS personnel Recent programs include:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and "The ResQPod"
  • Evidence based and outcome driven triage method
  • Alzheimers
  • Mass Casualty Incidents

Produced by Dr. Rubin, endocrinologist and author of Dummies Medical Series

Primary audience: general public Recent programs include:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Thyroid disease and the elderly
  • Using Aspirin to prevent heart attacks
  • New tools for diabetes management

Health Edge
Produced by the Cleveland Clinic providing video podcasts of the “latest medical news” from the Cleveland Clinic.
Primary audience: general public Recent video podcasts include:

  • Performance Enhancing Lens
  • Electronic Nose
  • Snail Venom
  • Hot Flashes

Special Notes:
Video Podcast program
Jefferson Emergency Medicine
Hosted by Thomas Jefferson Emergency Medicine program and provides Emergency medicine lectures from residency programs around the country.
Primary audience: Emergency medicine doctors Recent programs include:

  • Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies
  • Esophageal Dsorders
  • HEENT Trauma
  • Toxicology: Antipsychotics and Opioids

Johns Hopkins Medical Podcasts
http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/mediaII/Podcasts.html Produced by Johns Hopkins, offers a five to seven minute “lively discussion of the week’s medical news and how it may affect you.”
Primary Audience: general public Recent programs include:

  • Foreign travel and picking up a disease
  • Reversing atherosclerosis using medication
  • Diabetes control and reduction in cardiovascular disease risk

Doctors On Health
Produced by MedicineNet, a healthcare media publishing company.
Primary audience: doctors and general public Recent segments include:

  • Health Beat – MedicineNet doctors will put the news in perspective and clarify the often conflicting issues presented by popular media.
  • Monitoring Medicine – covers condition specific health trends and tips based on patient questions and concerns experienced in the daily practice of medicine.
  • Research in Perspective – translates leading-edge research into valuable information you can use.
  • Checking Your Pulse – MedicineNet doctors answer viewer questions and discuss important viewer comments.

Special Notes:
Include updates from various scientific annual meetings, such as ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, International AIDS Society Conference, and the Diabetes National Conference. MediPodcast
Produced by Dr. Suarez from Lima, Peru (in Spanish) Primary audience: Spanish speaking medical professionals
Recent programs include:

  • Parasitos intestinales
  • Lesiones musculoesqueleticas agudas
  • Intoxicaciones
  • Uso medicinal de las agues termales

Special Notes:
Spanish podcast MedKast
Created by Dr. Manuel Zeledon, provides half-hour refresher sessions on a wide variety of medical topics. Each topic relates to specific chapters in standard textbooks (listed on the site). Primary audience: medical professionals
Recent programs include:

  • Microbiology Review
  • Community Acquired Pneumonia
  • Colorectal Polyps

Special Notes:
Reviews topics in textbooks and journal articles, you might want to refer to those when you are listening to the program. MicrobeWorld Radio
Produced in association with the American Society for Microbiology and usually has 90 second audio program. However, starting January 31, ASM launched 15-25 minute video podcasts. Primary audience: scientists and general public
Recent programs include:

  • Sugar-loving bacteria in the human gut may be future of HIV prevention (90 second audiocast)
  • Clues from chickens’ guts are helping scientist learn about the role of microbes in human health (90 second audiocast)
  • Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth (15-25 video podcast)

Special Notes:
January 31, ASM launched 15-25 minute video podcasts.

The Naked Scientists
Produced by a group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use radio (BBC), live lectures, and the Internet to strip science down to its bare essentials, and promote it to the general public. Primary audience: general public
Recent programs include:

  • Why chocolate is good for you
  • T. Rex couldn’t hear you scream
  • The highs and lows of stem cell research
  • Appetite, obesity and weight loss

Produced by Nature Publishing Group and features highlights from news and articles published in Nature, including interviews with the people behind the science with in-depth commentary and analysis from journalists covering the research. Primary Audience: medical and scientfic professionals, general public
Recent programs include:

  • Nature’s Avian flu mashup
  • Ebola virus hunters
  • Stem-cell controversies
  • Sea floors and asteroids
  • Life in Louisiana wetlands

New England Journal of Medicine
Produced by NEJM

Primary Audience: doctors
Recent programs include:

  • Inhaled hypertonic saline and cystic fibrosis
  • Tenofovir and entricitabine vs. zidovudine and lamivudine for HIV
  • Causes of illness in returned travelers
  • Benazepril for advance chronic renal insufficiency

Special Note:
Unfortunately there is NEJM does not list their archived podcasts on their website, so you must search through an aggregator (Juice, iTunes, etc.) to view recent programs. Program titles in the aggregator are not very easy to read from the aggregator. If all you want to do is always get a program every time you sync it is fine, but it is kind of annoying and difficult to pick and choose programs if you don’t want to subscribe to everything. Sound Medicine
Produced by the Indiana University School of Medicine and WFYI Public Radio.
Primary audience: general public
Recent programs include:

  • Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy
  • Implantable ID Chip
  • Child Risk-Takers
  • Medically Induced Coma

SCCM Syndication iCritical Care http://www.sccm.org/publications/syndication/index.asp
Produced by the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM).

Primary audience: critical care professionals
Recent programs include:

  • Critical Care in Combat
  • Congress Keynotes Up Close: The Courts and End of Life
  • Message from the SCCM Leadership: Future of Critical Care and SCCM
  • The Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) Advocacy Caucus

Produced by Science and offers periodic podcasts built around interesting stories in the journal and on its sister sites.

Primary audience: medical and scientific professionals, general audience
Recent programs include:

    • Monitory wildlife population by looking at parasites and pathogens, Mental health in the developing world, Biofuels, etc.
    • Top science stories of 2005

Special Notes:
Looks to be relatively new, despite the “sporadic” updates, as of 2/2/06 it only contains two programs. SoundPractice.Net
Produced by the Journal of Medical Practice Management.

Primary audience: doctors
Podcast segments include:

  • Financial Management: example of podcast programs: Financial Advice on Medical Building Construction, Time-of-Service Payment: Customer Service and Cash Management
  • General Practice Management: example of podcast programs: Organizing Your Practice for Success: Vision Setting, Decision Making, Governance, and Communications, Negotiate Contracts Carefully With Part-time Doctors
  • Healthcare Policy: example of podcast programs: The Importance of Private Practitioners in the Education of the Next Generation of Physicians, Discussion about HSAs and Consumer Driven Health
  • Law and Medicine: example of podcast programs: Keeping Internal Chart Reviews from Being Used Against You: 11 Useful Strategies, Developing Personnel Policies to Keep You Out of the Courtroom: The Role of the Office Policy Manual
  • Technology: example of podcast programs: Physician Use of E-mail, It’s the Right Time to Move to the Electronic Health Record

This Week in Cardiology
By Michael Gibson and Dr. Christopher Cannon and is a weekly show that provides commentary by medical professionals regarding a wide range of cardiology topics. Primary audience: cardiologists
Recent programs include:

  • Excess Dosing CRUSADE
  • New Peformance Measures in MI
  • Rescue Angioplasty in REACT
  • Upstream Aggrastat in EVERST

University of California Television Disaster Preparedness
Produced by California Preparedness Education Network (Cal-PEN) and UC Davis Office of Continuing Medical Education

Primary audience: healthcare provider Recent video podcasts include:

  • Avian Influenza: From Wildlife to Poultry to Humans
  • Bioterrorist Threats for the Healthcare Provider
  • Chemical and Radiation Threats
  • Disaster Preparedness for the Healthcare Provider
  • Emerging Infections for the Healthcare Provider
  • Infectious Disease After Natural Disasters

Special Notes:
Video Podcasts. Some podcasts are certified for 1 CE credit through UC Davis CME

University of Virginia Medical Center Hour: Medicine & Society in Conversation http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/internet/him/currentmch.cfm
Produced by the University of Virginia provides a weekly multidisciplinary conference founded in 1971 and open to the entire University community and the public. It explores current, often controversial topics in ethics, law, culture, public policy, religion and spirituality, science research, and the arts as these topics relate to health
Primary audience: “university community” and general public
Recent programs include:

  • Talking with Children: The tough conversations
  • Focusing “Down Low”: Sexual behavior and identity issues in clinical medicine and public health
  • How Doctors Think: Clinical judgment and the practice of medicine

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