Evidentâ„¢ microwave ablation system krijgt goedkeuring in VS voor behandeling van lever tumoren


Covidien heeft een FDA goedkeuring ontvangen voor de Evidentâ„¢ microwave ablation system die special is bedoeld voor inoperabele lever tumor ablatie.

Dit stond in het persbericht:

The Evident MW Ablation System is intended for the coagulation of soft tissue during percutaneous, laparoscopic and open surgical procedures. The system uses microwave energy, emanating from the feed point of the radiating section of an antenna, to cause coagulation of the tissue. The microwave energy creates heat by generating friction through the vibration of water molecules. With microwave ablation, there is no current flow through the patient, eliminating the need for grounding pads.

“The recent FDA concurrence for the Evident MW Ablation System’s intended use for the ablation of nonresectable liver tumors is a testament to the comprehensive evidence-based approach EbD takes in the development of our products,” said Ned Cosgriff, M.D., Vice President, Medical/Clinical Affairs, Covidien EbD. “As with any new technology, particularly one involving medical devices, training is essential for a product to be successful in today’s healthcare environment. With the recently granted FDA clearance, our Interventional Oncology professionals can now train healthcare providers in the safe and effective use of the Evident MW Ablation System for the specific indication of ablation of nonresectable liver tumors.”

This major technological advance allows surgical oncologists, interventional radiologists, hepatobiliary surgeons and other medical specialists to perform percutaneous, laparoscopic or open surgical soft-tissue ablation, and to perform these procedures at speeds up to 60 percent faster than is possible with other ablation products. With the Evident MW Ablation System, ablations may be achieved in approximately 10 minutes. The speed and efficiency of the Evident MW Ablation System may mean less time in the operating or radiology suite for medical professionals and patients and less time under anesthesia for patients.

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