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Er wordt hard  om ervoor te zorgen dat  Stanford Medicine X een succes gaat worden.  Een conferentie over nieuwe technologie die je niet mag missen met een interessant programma op het snijvlak van gezondheid en geneeskunde! Een deel van het programma is al bekend.
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Program Overview Schedule

Thursday Sept 27, 2012

Suggested arrival day for guests planning on attending any of the sessions below:

Pre-Conference Events for Thursday Sept 27, 2012

Friday Sept 28, 2012

Suggested arrival day for guests planning on attending the Medicine X conference.

Pre-Conference Events for Friday Sept 28, 2012:

Self-tracking Symposium (Please note: This event requires separate registration)

7:00 AM – Breakfast/Coffee
8:00 AM – Welcoming remarks – Larry Chu, MD, Executive Director Medicine X
8:05 AM – Opening keynote address – What is the Future of Self-Tracking? Susannah Fox, Pew Internet & American Life Project


Susannah Fox studies the cultural shifts taking place at the intersection of technology and health care. Her research has documented the social life of health information, the concept of peer-to-peer healthcare, and the role of the internet amongpeople living with chronic disease. The best summary of Fox’s research can be found in this video of her speech, The Power of Mobile, or this at-a-glance guide. Fox contributes to a health care blog, e-patients.net, and you can follow her on Twitter:@SusannahFox57. Susannah Fox will discuss the Project’s latest survey results and what the future might hold.

8:35 AM – Part 1: Meet the health self-trackers. Why do they self-track?

These speakers first engaged in the process of self-tracking because chronic health issues were interfering with their quality of life.  They sought medical care and then gradually realized that a deeper understanding of their own body was necessary to more completely address their illness and the potential for a cure.  It is that journey—what life was like before, how they realized they needed to be more engaged in “debugging” their own health situation, what they experienced through the process of self-tracking, and what life is like now, that will be captured by these speakers.

  • Bo Adler, Software Engineer, Facebook
  • Thomas Christiansen, Co-Founder, Mymee
  • Allan Bailey, Engineer, Fitbit
  • Panel Discussion – Moderator Paul Abramson, MD

9:50 AM – Break
10:00 AM – Part 2: How do we spread opportunities for personal health self-tracking?

Self-tracking provides opportunities to collect health information and share that information with others with the aim to gain insights into personal health issues. What are the challenges facing self-tracking of personal health information? How can patients best work with their entire health care team to incorporate self-tracking into their care? How do we spread opportunities for personal health self-tracking beyond niche communities?

Sean AhrensAnne Wright

  • Sean Ahrens, Founder, Crohnology
  • Anne Wright, Co-Principal Investigator and Director of Operations for the BodyTrack project
  • Paul Abramson, MD, Private Practice Physician, Quantified Doctor
  • Panel Discussion – Moderator: Estee Solomon Gray

11:15 AM – Break
11:25 AM – Part 3: How can groups self-track together? Leveraging the power of groups.

What happens when groups of patients self-track their health information together? How can we use the synergies of groups of patients to gain insights about health and disease that can be generalizable to larger populations? What are the technological barriers that limit self-tracking in groups? How can group self-tracking data be analyzed, visualized, and generalized?

Michael SeidIda SimKathy Kim

  • Ian Eslick, Doctoral Candidate, MIT Media Lab
  • Michael Seid, PhD, Co-PI, C3N Project
  • Ida Sim, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, UCSF and Co-Founder, Open mHealth
  • Panel Discussion – Moderator: Kathy Kim

12:40 PM – Lunch: Hands-on learning about self-tracking devices and applications.

  • Please join us for a show-and-tell session where you will have a chance to get hands-on experience with many different self-tracking devices and applications.
  • Enjoy lunch while you learn about new self-tracking technologies.
  • Educational demonstrations from:
    • AgaMatrix iBGStar – the first available blood glucose meter that seamlessly connects to the Apple iPhone and iPod touch for the flexibility to manage diabetes whenever, wherever.
    • Asthmapolis – wth the Asthmapolis Mobile Application, you can map and track asthma symptoms, triggers, and use of rescue and controller medications, and other important events from your Android, iPhone, or Bluetooth-compatible non-smart phone.
    • Beam Toothbrush - The world’s first smart toothbrush, a manual brush that monitors your oral hygiene habits and reports them to a smartphone app.
    • BodyMedia – An all in one calorie counter, activity tracking Armband, & sleep monitoring system that makes losing weight easy.
    • BodyTrack – Open source tools to capture and explore data on activities, environmental and food inputs, and health status over time.
    • Ginger.io - A behavioral analytics platform that turns mobile data into health insights.
    • Lumoback - A posture sensor and mobile app. The sensor provides a gentle vibration when you slouch to remind you to sit or stand straight.
    • Personal Experiments – Helping individuals discover effective ways to improve their health and wellbeing through personal experiments.
    • More demos will be announced as they are added.

1:45 PM – Part 4: Devices and applications for self-tracking. What is the current state of technology? What are the opportunities for innovation?

In recent years we have seen an explosion in consumer-facing health self-tracking devices and applications. What are the leading companies working on in 2012? What are they excited about and what do they see for the future of the industry?

  • Jef Holove, CEO Basis
  • Christine Robins, CEO BodyMedia
  • Sridhar Iyengar PhD, CTO, AgaMatrix
  • David van Sickle PhD, CEO, Asthmapolis
  • Panel Discussion – Moderator: Illah R. Nourbakhsh, Professor of Robotics, director of the Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment (CREATE) lab and head of the Robotics Masters Program in The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

2:30 PM – Break
2:45 PM – Part 5: Self-trackers on Self-tracking: Ignite Talks

Learn how individuals are self-tracking. We will follow the Quantified Self three prime questions structure: 1. What did you do? 2. How did you do it? 3. What did you learn? The presentations will follow an Ignite Plus format (20 slides automatically advance over 7.5 minutes with a question and answer session).

4:15 PM – Break

4:30 PM – Closing keynote address – Ernesto Ramirez, Doctoral Candidate and Community Organizer, Quantified Self


Ernesto Ramirez is currently a PhD candidate in the Joint Doctoral Program (Health Behavior) at San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego. He is currently working at the Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems (CWPHS). He focuses on how to use existing and new technologies to create persuasive systems that positively impact health behaviors. He is also the community organizer for Quantified Self, a global collaboration among users and makers of self-tracking tools

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